Posted 29th January 2015

We’re a couple of weeks into the Big Energy Race, and as promised we have our first Team of the Week! Congratulations to Greening Kyle! They came just ahead of Solar Cities Scotland, Transition Belper, Plymouth Energy Community and Applecross Community Company - a huge well done to those teams too!

Greening Kyle stood out as they have been hugely active and have done brilliantly at publishing articles and using social media as a way to spread the word. Their team isn’t the biggest, which goes to show that doing lots of challenges and using social media to advocate can be really important.

As promised we’ll be having a Team of the Week every week until the end of the Race. Everyone is doing a great job and we’re hugely impressed by the effort everyone is putting in. It’s great to see so much commitment. Keep working hard to win the next title! Make use of the Race Twitter, Facebook and Instagram...

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