Posted 8th January 2015
Join the Big Energy Race now!
Join the Big Energy Race now!

Between January and the end of March 2015 we'll be helping community groups to promote energy saving in their local community, and to make a real difference. We also have lots of useful energy saving tips that can help anyone to save energy at home.

You can take part as a community group or an invidual - using the resources on this website to take action yourself to save energy and to share tips with friends, family and neighbours.

The Big Energy Race encourages friendly rivalry between community teams who compete to win the ultimate prize of being crowned Big Energy Race Champion and £20,000 towards a community energy project of their choice. There are also individual, team and regional prizes to be won, providing plenty of opportunities for everyone involved to have their moment to shine.

Teams inch ahead in the race by accumulating points. These are earned by individual team members undertaking household energy challenges, such as tracking their meter readings, turning down boiler thermostats or turning off appliances. Teams earn points by promoting energy saving in their local community and can also boost their score through actions such as uploading a blog entry.

Sign up your community group as a Big Energy Race team

Sign up as an individual - you can choose which team you would like to suppport.

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