Challenges explained

What are the Big Energy Race Challenges?

We've designed the challenges to give you choices about what you can do to save energy, pay the right amount for your energy and pass on tips to friends, neighbours and family.

You can pick any one of the challenges listed below to start on first but "Lead the way" challenges are only accessible to team leaders.

Action stations - stop your home wasting you money

Simple energy saving actions which you can take at home to save energy. All of these are free do to - if you're not already doing them you could be wasting around £200 per year.

Measuring up - keep on top of what you're spending

Gas and electricity bills and meters don't need to be a mystery. This section helps you find out how much energy you use, and what that means.

Savvy shopper - pay the right amount for your energy

Recent changes have made it much easier to check if you are on the right tariff and to change suppliers. Find out how to easily compare supplier prices and service levels. 

Pass the baton - help friends and family save energy too

If you already do a lot to save energy or if you learn a lot from being part of Big Energy Race, this challenge will provide you with tips and advice on how to share what you do with friends and family so that they can save too. It makes a big difference when you get energy saving tips from someone you know.

Lead the way - help local people save energy

(Team leaders only.) Activities that teams can take in their local community to help local people save energy.

To see these challenges and start making a difference register or login to the Big Energy Race.

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