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Current ranking: 3rd
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Team News
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Community Action Wirral’s bid to be crowned champions in the Big Energy Race is almost over.

As part of Cool Wirral, Community Action Wirral have so far completed 1440 challenges, were Team of the Week, and currently stand 2nd in our region and 3rd nationally.

In a bid to increase the team’s chances of success, Community Action Wirral also received some personal training from Energy Projects Plus – an independent not-for-profit organisation and registered environmental charity, who educate the public about energy efficiency, the alleviation of fuel poverty and other environmental initiatives.

Energy Projects Plus also operate a FREE and impartial Save Energy Advice Line available to residents in Merseyside on 0800 043 0151. Trained energy advisors will offer callers advice on domestic energy efficiency and renewable energy as well as information on grants and discounts available to residents to help make their homes more energy efficient.

Energy Projects Plus also offer energy efficiency home visits, including Health Through Warmth – an npower scheme for people in England and Wales who have long term illnesses and are finding it hard to fully fund heating systems/repairs and insulation in their homes.

For more information and the latest energy related news, please visit the Energy Projects Plus website.

For the latest news about Community Action Wirral’s performance in The Big Energy Race, please visit our webpage.

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